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lighting schemes


We do all the following lighting schemes with perfection and classy look.

  • First One

    Indoor Lighting

    This setup is done for study room, bedroom, living room, cabins, pantry and such. This lighting makes the place better.

  • second one

    Jewellery Cabinet Lighting

    This setup is done for Jewellery stores and cabinets to make the jewels glitter and gives decent look.

  • third gym training

    Chandelier Lighting

    Chandelier lights can be made of customer's idea and it is preferable to install in living room in house and waiting room in office.

  • fourth muscle

    Outdoor Lighting

    This setup includes lighting in parking area, front gate and outside the entry door. Water and dust resistant lights will be used of outdoor lighting.

  • training fifth

    Pathway Lighting

    This lighting is installed on pathways. This would be helpful at nights when walking through garden. This makes the spot classy.

  • gym training

    Pool Lighting

    This is for swimming pool. It makes the pool brighter and gives decent look.This lighting is suggestable for the hotels and villas.

Think bright, make it shine!

KARLED is here for you to fulfill your lighting work with 100% perfection.

Our Projects

We have 100+ satisfied clients and still serving the people who needs our services. Some of our previous works follows...

Our Works

We are specialized in jewellery showcase lightings. Here is some of our wokrs.

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Mehmet Tatlı Nişantaşı

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